"Fade To Black" Birkenstock Boston Collection

May 04, 2016

As many of you have noticed on Instagram, I've been wearing Python Birkenstock Boston clogs for about 2 years now.  For some reason, I've never officially released any though.  That changes with this collection of Boston Clogs in four different colors of genuine Python. 
The thing that triggered me to do this collection was Kobe Bryant's retirement 3 weeks ago.  Kinda funny since I don't really watch sports but whatever.  I saw so much hoopla around Nike's "fade to black" pack that I had to touch on the subject.  Every time I saw that collection I couldn't help but think "If I was retiring, I would want something more cozy than basketball sneakers" and so I had to flip the "Fade to Black" concept onto my favorite cozy shoe, the Birkenstock Boston. 
For this release, the base shoes will be included in the price - you don't need to send anything.  Shoes are made-to-order in whatever size you need.  Turnaround is approximately 2 months.  Place your order and see individual product photos in the SHOP now. 

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