SHIPPING:  All orders will be shipped USPS Priority with signature confirmation unless otherwise noted.  We are not responsible in any way for lost or damaged items. 

RETURNS & Exchanges:  Returns and exchanges are not accepted under any circumstances.  If there is an issue with size, we will work with you to resolve it.  

TURNAROUND: Turnaround time is generally 4 months.  Please understand that this just an  approximation -  any number of things can happen to cause a delay (Me messing up, suppliers temporarily running out a necessary material, etc.)  With all that said, more orders go out in under 4 months than over.  

EXCLUSIVITY:  We reserve the right to take custom orders for any design that is not explicitly limited.  If for some reason you insist on your shoes being 1of1 in the entire world, price will be at least double.  

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