Holly AJ11 Custom

I am happy to present the first Jordan 11 offering in the history of JBFcustoms today.  I wanted to release my first pair for Christmas just because that seems to be when 11s traditionally come out.  

This design was inspired by Holly, a plant that has been used to decorate for the Holiday season since before Christmas existed.  It was considered to be a sacred plant by many societies through history - most of whom were enamored by the fact that Holly stayed green and held fruit through the winter while most everything around them was dying.  This seemingly magical quality led people to  believe it could be a source of Everlasting life and Fertility, so it became tradition to hang the boughs in homes during the winter months.

The theme is carried through the shoe with a special red and green foil elephant print mudguard contrasted by snow white pebbled leather, and trunk grey.  The heel features a laser engraved illustration of a Holly Plant, and the collar is quilted with a red and green diamond print.  This shoe is lined entirely with a Vegetable tanned Equine Leather which is buttersoft and supple.  It truly has an incredible feel. 

*All sales are FINAL.  No returns, cancellations, exchanges or funny business. 

*You are purchasing a customization service.  We have included the cost of sourcing authentic base shoes in the price

*Your shoes will be handmade in Cleveland, OH - please allow 3-4 months for completion.  We've been getting a lot of orders out the door early lately, but we make no promises (unless you pay extra).  Speed comes second to quality in the workshop, and your patience will be rewarded.  

Category: footwear

Type: Unknown Type

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